Thursday, February 02, 2006

Send a Letter to Ehrlich

The Amnesty International online action for Vernon Evans is live.

Click here to send a message to Maryland Governor Ehrlich.


Blogger john said...

Dear Sir,

I am in clinical practice as a qualified psychologist and I would request that, if you have the time, you read my extensive arguments in different sections in this web page which were my replies to the more exteme views some writers expressed.

To summarise the psychological arguments I would state that there are many instances of people in prison who have "admitted" to crimes they did not commit. There is evidence that Vernon Evans was persuaded by his state lawyer to "show remorse" and admit "guilt." Vernon Evans I understand was sexually abused and physically tortured over his whole development upbringing. He would, as an adult,therefor have no idea whom to trust. He trusted the state lawyer at his trial who evidently gave him extremely bad advice. Such an experience of childhood can leave a victim, without reource to group psychotherapy, extremely vulnerable to manipulation. I can well believe he would trust his lawyer and say he was guilty when in fact there is witness evidence that he was not the killer. As the witnesses who said he was not the killer, I understand, were excluded from his trial, such exclusion left Vernon Evans without balanced representation at trial and in a highly compromised position regarding his lawyer's advice.



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