Friday, February 03, 2006

Pope Appeals for Evans' Life

(WJZ/AP) Baltimore, MD

" Two U.S. cardinals and the Vatican's envoy to Washington have appealed to
Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich to spare the life of condemned inmate Vernon Evans,
who is scheduled to be executed next week for two 1983 contract killings."

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Blogger Duncan said...

Vernon, February 6 is my birthday. We are supposed to celebrate life on each birthday. Life is precious. I don't know if I can call myself a christian, but I believe in the true christian values. I hope all those who promote the death penalty, the war in Irak and call themselves christians would share those values. Obviously they don't.
I read about you in an Argentinean newspaper. In the 70's we lost around 30,000 lives in the hands of our own military. Most were my age. Many of them were innocent, some were probably terrorists (they were denied any trials so we'll never know) What bothers me most is we may never know what they could have become. They were not given any chance... When we kill as a society we all become murderers, when we hate or claim for revenge we are less humans.
I am not too keen on the Pope, like his predecessor he is an ultra-conservative who in my opinion is responsible for millions of deaths (talking about not allowing the use of condoms that could prevent the spread of AIDS in Africa).
However he is far ahead of our evangelical leaders who support war, promote the killing of Chavez and embrace the death penalty.
Vernon, you have shown much more dignity that these so-called christian leaders. I hope when I celebrate my birthday we can both celebrate another sunrise, and many more.

Blogger john said...

Now you can, Thank God ! Vernon's stay of execution means you can have a great birthday !! Many Happy Returns ! Have a good day.


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