Saturday, February 04, 2006

Consensus Statement

On Friday, Vernon's attorneys delivered a consensus statement in support of a moratorium (pause) of the death penalty in Maryland.

Signers of the agreement are concerned:

(1) that innocent people are being sentenced to death in Maryland,
(2) that capital defendants in Maryland are not receiving adequate legal council, and
(3) that Maryland's death penalty is applied in a racist manner.

Those signing the documents include Bruce Gordon, the President and CEO of the NAACP, Raymond Paternoster, the man who authored the study that proved racial disparities on Maryland's death row, and several other Maryland legislatures, religious leaders, and educators.

See the statement here.


Blogger Daydreamer of Oz said...

I'm confused once again. #3 doesn't make sense to me. I read the article regarding the research and saw that:
'By itself, the offender's race does not play a clear role in the way cases are handled'
'It would be incorrect to conclude that these results point to racial animus in the death penalty system'

The study appears to conclude that whether the death penalty is sought is more dependant on the race of the victim rather than the defendant.

The fact that you are twice as likely to get the death penalty if you kill a white person IS cause for concern though. We should definitely demand that those who harm minority victims get it too!

Blogger Bee said...

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Blogger Sam's Lil Sis said...

Dear Bee,
GROW UP! Her opinion, don't like opinions? Move to afghanistan or Beirut, any 3rd world country will do

Day, stand behind your beliefs, there is always someone who can't handle anyone who doesn't think like them.

Blogger Daydreamer of Oz said...

Dear Liz,
People who are not intelligent enough to construct an argument and base their opinion on facts usually do resort to emotive language and insults. This is only because they are incapable of responding in any other way. Oh yeah & they usually don't leave a name, email or allow the public to view their profile either.....

Blogger UnderCoverAnna said...

((Daydreamer))! I don't know whether you intended to "pick" those parts of the paragraphs that seem to underpin you rpoint of view or not, but if you had given the entire quote, your reasoning could no longer stand on its feet.
I am sorry. Taken out of context, the "'It would be incorrect to conclude that these results point to racial animus in the death penalty system...' seems to speak for itself. Yet, if the explanatory part the professor offered, saying that this is the case because one cannot read a prosecutor's mind, the quote takes on a totally different meaning.
The professor is absolutely right in not interpreting any facts by suggesting the reasons which brought these facts about. That would be unscientific.
I think it is unfair and misleading to handle quotations in the way you did, ((Daydreamer)).


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