Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Vernon's Children

I heard you have seven children. Can you tell me about them? Are you able to keep in touch with them? -Mike, Washington, D.C.

Peace to you Mike,

I only have six kids now. One was taken by an act of violence. My son had given the young man who shot him a place to stay. The young man was sixteen. He shot my son because he thought that my son wanted his girlfriend.

My five sons and one daughter have gone through some very difficult times since my confinement. I failed my kids as a father. I missed out on a lot of their activities while they were growing up. In my heart, I know that this is why they have run wild and at some points even ended up in prison themselves.

Since I have been back in the state of Maryland I have managed to get my daughter into a drug treatment program. She has been drug free for nearly two years now. My oldest son was also a victim of violence. Now he is in a wheelchair. He and I are probably the closest. He made me proud last week when he told me that he had accepted Christ into his life. My oldest grandson brings his father over in his wheelchair when he can. I talk to my oldest grandaughter Nik all the time too. You know what Mike? They actually still love me even after I was not there in their lives all that time. So things are looking up to becoming Christ-like.

As I came Mike I leave you in peace,



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