Monday, April 11, 2005

Time in Prison

Do you have anything you feel is useful or productive you can or do while you are in prison?

What do you think you would be doing if you had not been in prison for the last twenty-two years? - Jay, New Hampshire

April 7, 2005

Hello Jay,

Thank you for taking a few minutes to contact me. Now, as for your question, which is a topic that I think is worth talking about. Jay, in this kind of prison, which is a SuperMax, a man must find even in the worst things something good or positive to focus on. Sometimes if the forces are with you, blessing will come your way. In my case, I have people who have come into my life for a purpose. They are people who believe that even men or women who have done evil should not be executed. So that said, I spend most of my time giving and receiving knowledge about this punishment they call legal punishment of death.

Another positive thing I do in here is change my lifestyle. I once lived in a way that I thought I needed to live in order to survive. Some men and women seem to think that a man or woman that once was in a criminal environment has no way of changing their idea of life and survival. I think that those that think like that have at some point created a mental block in their thinking. I believe that they think that for the purpose of justification of believing the killing of a man or woman on death row will ease their conscience. So I work at a strong Christian character.

The students at Mount St. Mary’s University give me the friendship I receive from their teacher in the class they seek to educate people about this punishment of death or should I admit a punishment of revenge.

Jay, let me continue to be honest with you. I think that because I was not born to be in prison or to be a bad man I think that if I was not on death row, I would have been more involved with my family and with my kids. I properly would have been able to help my father now that he is much older, with his business adventure.

I hope to continue to hear from you.

Peace and Solidarity,



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