Sunday, February 19, 2006

Washington State Mom

[Editor’s note: Please note that Vernon does not have his own email address, or internet access, as suggested by Patti in her question. I monitor the email address '']


I live in Washington State and I've never written to anyone in jail before, but when I read that you had an email address, I just couldn't help myself.

I know that you are on death row and I just want to know how you feel. What is it like for you? Are you frightened? What is it like in jail? What is a regular day like for you?

I'm a mom with five children and two step-children. I'm happily married and live in the country. My husband is a truck driver and a farmer. We have a good life here and our children go to a school that houses kindergarten through 12th grade. Pretty simple life we have. So, when I read about people that are living in death row, I have always been curious. However, until now, I've never had an opportunity to write to people like yourself.

Can I ask you? Did you actually commit those murders? And, if so, how do you feel now? Sorry if I sound so naive, but it's an area that I am not familiar with and yet have had an interest in.

Thank you for reading this. Patti


Before I found peace with accepting Christ as my personal savior my life was a living hell. The devil had complete control over me. In fact, I was still conducting my drug use from within prison. I was still drinking. I was not aware that the devil was making things readily for me to keep me from seeing the light of day. I had no idea that even in prison, on death row, my life could have peace. That I could be a good man. I was not on death row all these years, but was a part of death row. I was doing a life sentence in the federal system. You could not believe the way my life had become so horrible that I finally got tired and asked God to show me another way. It was slow in coming because I had not given up the desire to put myself through suffering. He finally sorted me out and showed me His mercy. Today I try to pass that love on whenever I do things like writing back to you. I do not fear death, now that I understand the steps I had to take to prepare myself for death, whenever it came. No I didn’t kill those two people.



Blogger Doc T said...

Way to go, Vernon! Great answer!Down with Deathrow!!

Blogger john said...

Vernon, I knew you were innocent. You've got a lot of friends here who've been fighting for you through Amnesty etc. Looks like your winning. Keep your chin up !

Blogger Titophe said...

Hold-on guys!
May I understand that there is still a doubt about Vernon being guilty?

I really thought that Vernon himself didn't deny that. This brings the case at the different stage, doesn't it?

Blogger john said...

Sorry, titophe I don't understand your point very well. Are you saying there is only a question mark over his possible innocence? If so, I would say that a state has no right to execute anyone if there is even a shadow of doubt over guilt. A witness excluded from trial and CCT footage says he was not the killer. However that is interpreted, it is a shadow of doubt !! I am dead against the death penalty anyway, even more so when there is also doubt over guilt. A new trial means innocent until proven guilty....

Blogger Doc T said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Doc T said...

I agree with John. One is innocent until found guilty. Vernon never admitted to the killing. Where do you get this from, tithope?

Blogger Titophe said...

To John and Doc

Don't get me wrong! I fully agree with you both. The misunderstanding likely comes from my poor english.
What I meant is that I just though that Vernon agreed on his guilt.

By "this case is at a different stage" I meant:
- Vernon saying he is innocent means that US will potentially kill an innocent human being.
- Vernon saying he is guilty (my previous belief) would have meant that US would repeat a "legal" murder. This doesn't mean that I agree with that! Sure.

Hope this clarifies


Blogger john said...

Hello Titophe. The problem was Vernon got bad legal advice. He was told by his lawyer to "show remorse" to get let off, and Vernon unwisely followed the advice. Except for this he declared innocence. Now, as I understand it, he is to receive a trial review.

Blogger Doc T said...

Bonjour Mam'selle Titophe! Not a problem, I understand you better now. My heart goes out to Vernon, as this is a fight for his life. And I believe that, if there is true justice in the US, it should be done in his case.

Blogger Titophe said...

To Doc:
Mam'selle means miss... Unfortunately for you, I'm a boy...

Blogger Doc T said...

Sorry man!! My apologies!

Blogger john said...

Hehehehhe!! Sorry Titophe, I'm afraid I made the same mistake !! All the best John

Blogger Titophe said...


No pbm. Would you understand french, you wouldn't have made that mistake by reading the introduction of my blog ;-)


Blogger john said...

Hehehe!! Spanish, I speak ok, but French ? Just a little !! Sorry !! Perhaps you can teach me some !! Don't worry about your English - It's fine.

Blogger GLENN REINER said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have henceforth devoted my blog entirely to discussion on the death penalty. I will be adding small essays each week. Feel free to stop by:

Have a great day,

Blogger Sam's Lil Sis said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger criminal justice major said...

If infact Vernon didn't kill those people, then who did???

Blogger mgrizzuti said...

The vast majority of those that pretend the repeal of the death penalty -in some way- are involved in the crime.
They have committed and commit murder -in the sense of the psychoanalytic concept- of incestuous nature and repeatedly.

By Carlos Norberto Mugrabi

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