Thursday, February 02, 2006

Evans' Appeal on Execution Turned Down

The Baltimore Sun
February 2, 2006

"A U.S. District Court judge denied Wednesday night a request from death row inmate Vernon Lee Evans Jr. to postpone his scheduled execution, ruling that "it would be an exercise in speculation" to find that Maryland's lethal injection procedure exposes Evans to a substantial and unnecessary risk of pain and suffering.

Evans, 56, who could be put to death as soon as Monday for the 1983 contract killings of two Pikesville motel clerks, had challenged the state's execution procedure in a federal lawsuit on the grounds that it violates his constitutional protection against cruel and unusual punishment."

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Blogger Kim&Jenni said...

I can't understand how (especially) you americans can't see the full value of a single persons life... The most neutral face in a crowd has a unique, special story to tell. The little I have read about Vernons situation and crime, makes me believe that this is an innocent man. How can the system send him into death, to make him pay for something that's not even sure he has done? I'm not a christian or religious man, but I whisper a silent prayer to someone that I hope can hear me. Maybe it's Vernon I'm trying to communicate with in some way. To be realistic - it seems like this goes only one way, but remember who walks away as the strongest one in the end, when this is over. I just wish I could help....


Blogger Ceridwen Devi said...

The death penalty is a cruel and unusual punishment that does no good to America's image this side of the pond. Vernon has already been on death row for 20 years I understand. That's quite a long sentence in itself. We shall be hoping that some last minute appeal for clemency may succeed and we'll be following this blog every day. Good luck or as we say in Wales Hwyl Fawr! PS the original Ceridwen was and is the Celtic goddess of life, death, magic and rebirth.

Blogger ShotOfCourage said...

If you Brits don't like our laws, have a skip back over the pond and enjoy your dismal and snooty homeland.

This man will finally pay for the crimes he's committed. What is the proper punishment for brutal and premeditated murder if not to face the same fate as his innocent victims. I'm sure you would have a different opinion if the victims were members of your family.

God have mercy on his soul.

Blogger H.C.I.C. - New Whig Chairman said...

It seems the brits may be on to something...seeing as how without capital punishment their violent crime rate is significantly lower than ours. Capital punishment serves no purpose but revenge, it does not help with closure for victim's families, instead the sentencing and appeals process forces them to keep wounds open for decades longer than necessary.

This man is paying for the crimes he was convicted of (which is an entirely different question than whether he is actually guilty). Serving a life sentence in the inept and inhumane prison system in this country is punishment.

Everyone is for capital punishment and tougher penalties and less rights for criminal defendants until they find themselves in the system. It goes both ways.

Blogger Ifan ap Mair said...

I used to do gardening for an old lady in Kensington, London. She was a fine Englishwoman with arthritis and a wry sense of humour. She lived next door to John Christie, 10 Rillington Place, Notting Hill Gate. The Welshman Timothy Evans was hanged for the murders that Christie committed, including Evans own wife. He was 24 and received a posthumous pardon from the Queen. Christie was a date rapist and killer. Events subsequent to the case led to the abolition of capital punishment in the UK.
Hwyl Fawr!

Blogger Ifan ap Mair said...

PS I was also a friend of Christmas Humphreys, the barrister who prosecuted Evans.

Blogger Sam's Lil Sis said...

h.c.i.c, i am a sister of a homicide victim, and it's the state's fault that the killer's are allowed years and years of stays, not the victims, but i think that it would make me feel more at peace if i knew the scum who killed my brother had to meet his maker and answer for this, and if he had to suffer the way my brother did. But that is a long shot, as I will agree with Mr Evans that if you kill a minority in baltimore county, you are far less likely to get the death penalty than if you kill a caucasian person in a middle class neighborhood. There was a teenage boy killed by several caucasian teenagers in anne arundel county maryland last year. They are all free now. Sucks to be black and have a crime commited against you in maryland unles you have wealth.

Blogger H.C.I.C. - New Whig Chairman said...

I did not mean to insinuate it was anyone's "fault" there are appeals and stays. If anyone is to blame it is the framers of the Constitution who attempted to ensure that no innocent man or woman be punished unfairly, and that no person be punished without a fair trial, and that no person be subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment.

Regardless, the fact of the matter is that when a case involves capital punishment, the healing process cannot begin for victim's families because the case itself goes through the courts for decades...a process that, although still lengthy, is not as drawn out in cases involving life sentences, even life without parole.

I am sorry for your loss.

Blogger Virginia Simmons said...

It's just the way the legal system works. Death Penalty cases in the U.S. have two trials. One to determine guilt or innocence and the second to determine the sentence. In the sentencing trial, the jury weighs aggravating and mitigating evidence. Vernon's court appointed attorney ordered his mitigating investor not to do any investigation. He didn't present any mitigating evidence at Vernon's sentencing trial. His attorney was incompetent during both trials.

Blogger gsryoga said...

It seems that "shotofcourage" didn't have the guts to leave his email address on his information page. Afraid of rebuttals, perhaps?
Thomas Jefferson once said, "I might not agree with what you say, but I'll fight -- to the death -- for your right to say it." The First Ammendment still lives in this country, and not just for American natives!

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

How can a country that claims to be a First World Country claim to be a world leader in human rights? Put a man to death without a fair trial? If the key witness for defence did not speak at the trial, how can the trial be complete.
How the heck can George Bush shout about Sadam Hussain doing this and doing that and not look in his own back yard?
Before removing the spec from someone else's eye remove the log from your own, Christ said.

I truly cannot believe this may happen, let us Pray that:-

Dear Lord,
Please let Justice be done, and be seen to be done, Lord. That Vernon gets the trial he never had, yes Vernon made mistakes Lord, but do not let him pay for someone else’s, misstakes.
Heavenly Father, please bring peace to Vernon, his family, and friends and all that are helping Vernon in his hours of need, and Father, please bring peace to the victim’s family and friends at this time.
In your Holy name.

Blogger Jim Goetzinger said...

to Liz,

the little black kid that was killed in Anne Arundel county went to that party with 3 other boys and a gun, with the intention to "scare and whip some white boys up" "cause they were mad that the white girls liked him" He got what was comming to him, and I applaud Anne Arundel States attorney that he brought no criminal charges against the white kids, he also stated that since "the youths intended to do bodily harm" that the State will not ever open the case regarding this a hate crime against whites.

I am sorry his parents should have kept him on a shorter leash and maybe this might not have happpened. But, this brings me to another point, the boy was 16 years old, which is old enough to drive, then old enough to do whats right and not whats wrong. Same goes for Vernon, he knew what he was doing was wrong, even if he didn't pull the trigger (which he did, guns had his dna and fingerprints on it)because he was

abused as a child?

because he was a dope addict?
his problem

because he was black?

He got the Death Penalty because he and Anthony were pieces of shit and it was a murder against witnesses of a felony, look at New York and all the mob trials, everyone got the death penalty because of witness hits, not because of anything else.

Vernon will die, so what, who cares, such is life

Blogger john said...

"Bullshit"?? You should know Killer Grots - You are full of the stuff!!

Blogger UnderCoverAnna said...

Liz said:

"it would make me feel more at peace if i knew the scum who killed my brother had to meet his maker and answer for this, and if he had to suffer the way my brother did. .."

He will meet his maker, ((Liz)). It's just not in our hands to determine when that time will have arrived. Just as it wasn't the killer's right to end the life of your brother.
Unfortunately, nothing can undo what has happened, and nothing can spare your brother from suffering as he did -- after the fact. So, there is really nothing good coming out of another killing, at least not in regard to your brother.

Blogger john said...

Undercoveranna I think you have just dispelled the myth that you are "insensitive" I think your reply here is very thoughtful. I certainly respect Liz and her opinion and feelings. But I do not respect Stitches 77 who just answers with insults without purpose. Stitches 77 I am just going to ignore as not worth replying to.

Blogger UnderCoverAnna said...

Hey John, the myth I would love to disspell even more is that such discussions are to be used as a tool to "endear" myself to anyone or any case. That is a troubling attitude, in my opinion.
A human life should not depend on the ability of its advocates being able to "endear" themselves to those who hold the power to end it. Only the facts must count!
Just to soothe you all, I am actually a caring person, volunteering to assist relatives of critically ill patients while they are waiting for the recovery -- or its alternative -- of their loved ones. And I do understand that there is no grief worse as one's own. But that does also mean that the person next to me feels that way.
So, if Vernon has suffered childhood traumata, grief, pain and sorrow, it was as horrible to him as anyone's pain can be.

Blogger john said...

Hello Undercoveranna That's right and where does the violence end? Regarding the subject of execution in general, someone has to say "no" to violence. To lead, to be a role model. The sense of "duty" to the victim, and a sense of revenge on the part of victims' relatives, in my view, should not be the dominant decider for execution. There are many culpable faults for violent crime. I agree with you. One cannot ignore the childhood damage done to a criminal. But also why is America so obsessed with The American Gun? "every caller will be answered with a gun" reads door notices in a city. Why do people have gun collections in their homes? Is not there a human right to live in a city where guns in homes are prohibited?? Very few civilians in Europe have guns in their homes. People don't want the bloody things. And our crime rates reflect our downscaling of violence. I get the impression that guns are such a power symbol in American films, because these films reflect an extremely violent society. If America down scales its love of guns and violence it will not need execution as its kill-movie entertainment. A nice juicy execution. They love it. The Chair with its built in cooker, The Gas Chamber, like something out of the Holocaust, Lethal Injection, where burning chemicals are injected without adequate sedation. At least the Romans gave Gladiators a chance to fight back and win their freedom. The Americans, no. They like their Public Torture Entertainment, to kill guaranteed. Meat on the slab.

Blogger john said...

What does execution "teach" ? It "teaches" that violence is the way to communicate.

Blogger john said...

As Doct says, Life Imprisonment is punishment enough, and protection for society. As Nelson Mandela said, execution "serves no further purpose"

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