Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Court Employee

Dear Mr. Evans,

I was [a court employee] at your trial in Princess Anne in 1984 before Judge Simpkins. I left the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 1989 and have worked since then [in another government position.] Anyway, a lot has happened in my life since 1984, but I often think of you, your co-defendant, and defendants in other capital cases… on the Eastern Shore in the eighties. I've followed your case in the paper over the years. I remember you as a likeable person with a sense of humor. I also remember the families of the victims of this tragic crime and the sorrow they did then and must now feel.

In the last 20 years my folks both died, our youngest son went through years of alcohol and drug problems, causing untold grief for my wife, and me, and other things have happened that are normal events in life. I'm not a very religious person, but I have always felt God was there for me, even though I was seldom there for Him. I know with our son I finally gave up hope, and shortly thereafter he called me and said, "Dad, I'll do anything you want, if you'll help me." It's been three years and he's done great. It made me realize then that as much pain and suffering as he caused his mom and me, I caused God much more. Anyway, I'm not preaching. I believe when God gives out rewards in Heaven, I'll be last in line, but I know I'll be in line. My son still occasionally apologizes for his actions, and I tell don't. We apologize once, and then it's forgotten.

So, I don't know why I'm writing this. My wife's dad is dying in [a foreign country] and she went to visit him one last time. I'm home alone with my dog and cat, which isn't all that bad. I've been married for 33 years and my wife is as close to perfect as a person can be.

Anyway, hang in there. As far as I can tell, if you're a Christian and asked for forgiveness for your sins, which aren't any worse than mine or anyone else's in the eyes of God, then one day you'll be in a better place and no one will be judging you anymore. If you're not, then get some born-again preacher in there and listen to him/her. It will bring you peace. I'm sure after 21 years on death row you must have peace of some type.

Whatever happens, keep your head up, and good luck.

Bob ___


Mr. ___,

After reading your letter I was grateful for many things but the one thing that really stood out after reading your letter was the fact that you were really blessed to get your son back. Perhaps just knowing there is a God helped serve the blessing that was given in your life. I believe also if you allow the situation with your son to really take hold you’ll find God has given you the strength to help comfort your wife who is in need of you.

I appreciate you just taking the time in your times of sorrow to write about such joy and sadness but still I can not help but think how great God is. One more thing, it was a slow process but yes I have found peace in reading and demonstrating the word of God.



Blogger GLENN REINER said...


It was so heartwarming seeing the letter you published from the court employee. I believe this is just what death penalty opponents nationwide need to read. It is filled with love. I have been told by every spiritual mentor (and I am spiritual, but not religious)that love is more powerful than hatred and that it can melt through the most intense and prolonged rage.

By the way, thank you so much for creating and upkeeping this site for Vernon. I have been so inspired by it that I began my own site and have written my first piece on Capital Punishment. It is available to all at

Thanks again Virginia,

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

I have rehashed my Blog

Please drop by

English Blogger

Blogger john said...

If you look at the Death Penalty Information Centre's site it appears that 122 condemned inmates about to be set on fire with 2,000 volts banged through them or pumped with burning chemicals without adequate sedation, have now been found INNOCENT by DNA testing !! (and that, of course means leaving the real killers out of prison on the streets with a crime wrongly closed by wrongful execution)
So how many innocent people were killed before DNA testing? So reasuring for victims' relatives that the person they saw being fried to death may well not have been the real killer. I can see no argument for execution, but plenty against.

Have you noticed that some of the pro-execution people are not relaxed individuals? They seem angry, and aggressive, in their decisions and support of the death penalty. Fine to be angry and aggressive !! But should law be dictated to and created by "The Angry"? And doesn't it matter that 122 people recently were about to be executed and they were in fact INNOCENT? A person can be exonerated and released from prison, but I may be wrong, but I haven't yet heard of any innocent executees being brought back from the dead.... No problem dealing with angry feelings. I've had plenty of my own with the murder of my brother. But should not a state be above that, particularly when the State in question's justice system is such a MESS !!??
122 about-to-be-murdered inmates says so.

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...


It makes you wonder doesn't it, the likes of people who say just kill them?
Barry Shceck and the Innocense Project have been shouting about this for years. Amnesty International have pleaded for years for the end to the death penalty, but we are just called the looney left!

Innocent people being put to death and people protest is the loony left. Sadam Kills a few of his country men and he stands trial?

George Bush as Govener signed more death warrents than any other Govener, wonder why he isn't in court? Double standards, no never in a million years. George isn't going to let Sadam change the Oil currency to the Euro as it would ruin the Dollar, so has him deposed and now has him on trial for murder....
How many Death Warrents did George sign whilst Governer, and how many of those where innocent?

Blogger john said...

To English Blogger Bush was known as the "Texacutioner" according to one blogger. I can well believe it.
His vice president shoots someone, albeit by accident, and there is back slapping, Bush happy with the explanation etc. What would have happened if the shooter had been black and mainlining heroin ? The same response or.....??!!

Blogger Doc T said...

Put a gun in a Vice-President's hands and you get shot in the face; put a country in a President's hands and he takes your breath away...

Blogger john said...

Ha ha ! Doc t ! Well said !! If someone more moderate had been in power my wife and I believe none of this current warfare would have happened.

Blogger UnderCoverAnna said...

... and what in the world qualifies an ex-action movie star to sign a death warrant? Because a bunch of "Exterminator" fans who lust for more blood on the screen, for more exploding human bodies, for an even greater display of despise for human dignity voted for him? Is that legitimation enough for ending someone else's life?
Scary, disturing, creepy thought ... Sickening!

Blogger Doc T said...

Way to go, undercoveranna! The problem here is that we have anti-abolishionists that are downright narcissistic or psychopathic. They love violence and reading about it! The pages showing the pictures of the botched execution of Tiny Davies still have a phenomenal hit rate to this day! Schwarzie's movies got him the vote. His denial of clemency keeps him firmly linked to the blood and gore of his movies. He should realise that there will be one occurrence in his life where "I'll be back!" won't work...the day he also has to take the final walk. Shame, and he can't even ride a bike properly...

Blogger john said...

I'm sure doct would like to comment on this point. When Nelson Mandela was asked why he abolished the death penalty, he replied, and I quote " The death penalty served no further purpose" How appropriate this comment is considering that American courts are far more likely to execute black Africans than a white. Can America learn from this insight? The death penalty serves no purpose. And it really doesn't. An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind as Ghandi said. Why are death penalty decisions made by movie actors with a track record of violence??

Blogger Doc T said...

Way to go, John! We must remember that Nelson Mandela was on death row himself! He could experience the devastation of body, mind and spirit FIRST-HAND! Mandela's sentence for "opposing the white minority rule" (he was found guilty of high treason), prior to us becoming a democratic "one-man-one-vote" state, was death.

The United States pressured the then-Government to commute his sentence (which was done and he spent 27 years in jail) and virtually the whole world imposed economic sanctions on us UNTIL we acknowledged ALL race groups and voted for a democratic state where all are equal.

Can one blame Mandela for saying what he did? No, he had experience...

He became South Africa's first democratically elected President. He could have wiped the white minority, who put him through all this trauma, off the map. He chose not to. He chose peace...he chose reconciliation...he chose NOT to have a death penalty...because he WAS THERE!

Can any other President say and do this?

Blogger john said...

It takes courage doesn't to go against the stream. Bush called Aznar a "statesman" for the wrong reasons. Spanish voters threw Aznar out of power as inhumane. Would Bush now like to be a "statesman," show somw courage, and stop killing people with torturous methods that keep us in medieval times?.

Blogger Doc T said...

Way to go, John! I remember prior to your last elections, after the Madrid train bombings, how the voters in your country walked the streets, screaming: "We want the truth before we vote!" and "Who is responsible?", all because Aznar blamed Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, whilst KNOWING that it was Al Qaeda! He hid the truth from his people! Why? Because he was an avid supporter of Bush, the Texacutioner. Bush taught him how to lie to his people. You can't beat experience now, can you?

What will it take to convince the citizens of countries that still support the death penalty, that the TRUE reason for the death penalty being in place, POLITICAL POWER, has NEVER been revealed and that their anger, hatred and vengefulness had merely been fueled by the politicians, granting them a death penalty in return, in order to fulfill their own political agendas?

Blogger john said...

doct Yes, I am beginning to see your argument. Power has everything to do with this. And you are correct about Spanish politics. The newspapers linked Aznar to Bush because of Bush's need for war allies and Bush did "educate" Aznar in the skills of cover up but the ruse failed. He was rumbled and Spanish investigative journalists discovered the truth and people voted with their feet and threw Aznar out of power.

Blogger Doc T said...

Hi John! "Voting with ones feet", in my view, means KICKING HIM OUT! Hahaha...I just had to do that. Enjoy the mountains, John, I will keep the debate alive while you are gone.

Blogger Doc T said...

Hi Guys! I have the post up and running on Murder vs Domestic Abuse. Squizz it out on

Blogger Doc T said...

Hey Guys!

Check out

I started debating with a public defender on the death penalty issue.

Come support me!

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