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Why don’t you stand up and take your punishment like a man? – Robert Trouts

When I first read your sentence the first thing that came to mind was how Jesus was tested by Satan in the wilderness. I pass your statement. I could not get angry. When I was in society I did used to whine. But I would whine about things that didn’t involve life. I would say: “They tax me too much” “It sure is hot out today” “It’s too cold.” But now that I’ve been living with a death sentence for twenty-two years, I have had an education on how meaningful life is. I have come to understand that others may put little into life, no matter what end of the stick they are on. When I whine now I whine because I have spent my life learning what others know to be true. I whine because there is a system in place that is not fair when it comes to taking a life. I know what others know to be true but turn away from.

Robert I want you to forgive me for my whining,




Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Why don’t you stand up and take your punishment like a man? – Robert Trouts

Robert, I know Vernon was found guilty, but there is a chance that he may be innocent. Every person deserves a fare trial, Vernon didn't recieve that. How would feel if Vernon was your father or brother and justice hadn't been done?

I know if it was me in Vernon's shoes I would be screaming so loud you would hear me from England

Blogger Easy Writer said...

I am very distressed at a portion of Vernon's reply. To imply that someone would be for slavery simply because they are seeking for Vernon to take responsibility for his actions implies a sense of immaturity on his part. Perhaps this is partially why Vernon is on death row to begin with.

Vernon had several choices according to the information that was posted on the blog: he chose to plead guilty at one point. It was then that he received the death penalty. Further, a commenter presented facts that Vernon may have been a contract killer. If this is in fact true, perhaps his choices were not as simple as we are led to believe.

Vernon, as an African-American woman I am offended by your comment. Simply because a person disagrees with you doesn't imply they would support an institutionalized system of oppression such as slavery. Yes, slavery was the law of the land at one point. But slavery was not instituted in the US based on crimes committed and convicted (initial slaves may have been criminals that were captured by conquering tribes, but the continued slave market in the US was not based on criminal activity.) US slavery was based on racial identity.

The death penalty is administered to people who are convicted of crimes, where in a lot of cases there are aggravating circumstances. So, perhaps this is the reason Robert asked this question.

I oppose the death penalty based on religious beliefs. However, if a person did commit a crime of this nature, the should "stand up and take their punishment like a man."

A note to the editor: Please feel free to send this to Vernon. I have sent a copy to the appropriate gmail address.

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

In your wonderful country, and I do mean that, I visited 5 times now and love my time there. You have a deal system with the D.A, if you plead guilty you will get a lighter sentence or something else. We have watched various documentaries where someone completely innocent have been talked into pleading guilty by the D.A and later found to be completely innocent.

I really do not know if Vernon is innocent or guilty, maybe he did murder David Scott Piechowicz and Susan Kennedy , but that should be argued in a genuinely fare trial where Vernon has a full and proper defence. Then if found guilty he should accept his punishment, but lets pray if found guilty it will never be the death penalty.

Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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