Saturday, April 23, 2005


I read an article in a Brazilian newspaper about this website and came here to read what you have to say. I was reading about what you do in your time on death row and then I thought a second about myself. I'm 20 years old and moved from Brazil to Canada more than a year ago to study. I left family, friends and my girlfriend there. I find it really hard to make friends here and that's why I spend my days at home on the internet talking to my friends overseas. I never go out at night nor go to the movie, the park, or anywhere because I really don't want to... I feel always tired, bored and sad.

There's one thing, however, that I do that makes me really happy here. I play music. Not only do I play music but I also write songs and poems. This has become a kind of therapy for me. I can release my pain, I can have hope, I can write whatever I think and turn it into a song or a poem. I also realize that my songs and poems get better as time goes by. This makes me feel really happy and makes me have a more positive mind. I wonder if you ever wrote songs or poems. It may seem strange if you have never tried it, but it really changed my life here. By doing that, you can not only feel better with yourself, happy with what you have done, but also you can show people what you are feeling in a way that only these kinds of texts can express.

I wish you the best.
- Felipe


Listen to me, I am not always right, but listen to me anyway, and you might get something out of what I have to say. Felipe, know this to be true, you already have a friend who made it possible for you to do music. So be grateful for that one major friend. He watches over you all the time. Now here’s the deal, you are young, and you should not have such fear when you are a talented young man. You could have friends if you stopped being on guard. Your music is a perfect tool to lure a friend. Everyday should be a blessing because you can get up and do something you really like doing. I’ll tell you what, summer is coming, set up somewhere and just start playing in that location a couple of days and see what happens. Instead of going to the movies, go somewhere where men and women play music.

Be strong. Get rid of fear.



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