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From a March 4, 2005 letter from Vernon

“When I was first arrested an agent told me to my face that it’s alright for us to kill each other but when we start killing other whites in this country we are going to execute your kind.”


Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

The death penalty was abolished in the UK in 1969. I hav eto be honest I think teh death penalty is a barbarick and totally un Christian.

yes the Bible says an eye for an eye, The old testamant. The New Testament says to Forgive your Brother and to keep forgiving. That doesn't mean a crime should not go unpunished I am sure life in prison is no holiday camp.

Blogger Truth Is Stranger said...

Vernon Lee Evans, Jr., was hired by Anthony Grandison to kill Cheryl and David Scott Piechowicz. The Piechowiczes were sched- uled to testify as witnesses against Grandison in a federal narcotics case. Grandison agreed to pay Evans $9,000 for carrying out the mur- ders.

The Piechowiczes worked at the Warren House Motel in Baltimore County, Maryland. On April 28, 1983, Susan Kennedy, the sister of Cheryl Piechowicz, was working in Cheryl's place along with Scott Piechowicz in the motel lobby. On that day, Evans, not knowing the Piechowiczes, entered the motel with the purpose of eliminating the couple on Grandison's behalf. After a short wait, Evans shot Scott Piechowicz and Susan Kennedy in the motel lobby. Evans fired nine- teen bullets at the victims with a MAC-11 machine pistol equipped with a silencer or noise suppressor. The victims died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Maybe you shouldn't have murdered these people Vernon.

Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

I am sure there are hundreds of murderers on Death Row each one will have a horrific story of how they killed someone, each murder affecting numerous families and friends. Not one of these people will be made to feel better by killing someone else. Justifying state murder by equating it with a criminals murder is nonsensical, what do you call an assassin who accuses an assassin?

Blogger Virginia Simmons said...

thanks for leaving comments!
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Blogger English Blogger (Davie B) said...

Thank you, I would be honoured.

Blogger Virginia Simmons said...

awesome, anytime you want to post something- send it to if you give me some info about yourself I can give you a brief intro- otherwise- you could be anonymous- whatever you like.

Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

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Blogger Mike said...

It is not necessarily the intention of the state to make victims feel better by punishing the guily - idiot! A death sentence is meant as punishment for the offender - NOTHING MORE; NOTHING LESS. It is not intended as a deterrent for anyone other than the person being put to death. Now get a grip and let's kill Vernon once and for all.

Blogger Mike said...

The agents comments are a lot more legal than anything you ever did in life, now suck it up and get it over with...

Blogger ::tom:: said...

how dare you say that! Vernon is just as much of a human being as you or i. he was just put into a bad situation by his circumstances at the time. maybe you wouldn't have made the same decisions he had made. but i'd put every last cent to my name that Vernon has tried to set his life straight in jail. but unfortunately, i guess you're too blind to see this.

Blogger anonuser2110 said...

On this Blog, I have seen many references to good and evil, to god and to jesus. My own personal take is that each of us is God when we do good things, not just because this minister or that pastor who might rant from their bully pulpit would state "You are all sinners who will die and go to hell if you do not accept jesus into your heart, and let the will of god move through you and direct your life to do good things".

I believe in free will. I believe we should be good for the sake of being good.

When we are at our very worst; killing, doping, getting drunk, running amok, taking lives and ruining whole families.. Then we are an incarnation of what is called The Devil. Those who are in our many prisons here in the US are there for a reason: they have not been able to control their compulsions: they have robbed people, beat them, raped little boys or little girls, or women.

There has to be a line drawn in the sand somewhere, and along with that come the consequences. From the days of the 1st emperor of China, to the laws of hammurabi; there have always been penalties ascribed for certain crimes.

Many inmates are mentally ill, others are the cast off refuse of
families who are themselves sick, and pass their sickness of spirit to their kids. The death penalty is one where the State shows that
certain crimes will not be tolerated. The act of capital punishment ensures that those who have murdered one or more people will never ever do so again. It is the ultimate jail sentence.

I also happen to know that the justice system is flawed, and there are innocent people doing nickles, dimes and 15 to life for something they did not do. Let all be grateful for DNA testing.

If Vernon did not pull the trigger, what was he doing there at that hotel in the first place?
If I see someone getting beaten up, or shot at, I have an instinctive urge to stop the violence, especially if it is very cut and dried.

Was vernon tested for GSR on his hands and clothes. Does Vernon have a history of crimes, and if so, what sort? violent ones, drug related? etc...

I hope his case is heard again, and that this time he gets a fair shake. If not, I hope something in the future after he has paid with his life to the State, will come up and exonerate him, and place the culpability on someone more deserving. If it were up to me, and a person is shown to be doing the deed on tape, and the case is a slam dunk, I feel they should be immediately taken out behind the courthouse and summarily executed.

The other side of the coin is that criminals who know what lies in store for them understand the immediacy of punishment, I feel they will be more brutal. Confucius, over 1500 years ago said "Threaten the people with death, and after a time, none will fear it".

Good luck Vernon. Buddha Bless You

Blogger Jim Goetzinger said...

Facts of the case:

1) Vernon was not immediately captured after the shooting therefore GSR could not be used to identify the shooter, but DNA and fingerprints on the murder weapon shows Vernon had tested positive on the murder weapon.

2) Vernon was identified by video and eyewitnesses that show him at the seen of the crime with a weapon in his hand.

3) he admitted that he shot "at" them.

4) has a laundry list full of violent felonies ti include drug convictions.

All of these facts can be obtained through court records by the Freedom of Information Act, available to anyone.

His stay of execution has been granted, not for a new trial, but for Lethal Injection problems whether or not humane.

Blogger Mark said...

Hey Vern - how's it hanging? I was just curious - looking back, was the Mac 11 machine pistol the best choice for taking out those two people at the motel? I mean, if you could do it all over, would you have rather had a sawed-off shotgun instead? More bloody gore that way which would have made a powerful statement about the poor oppressed black guy stickin' it to The Man. Also would you have wanted more than just $9,000 to do the job? That seems like chump change now, considering all the hassle you've had to endure, prison time, and all this silly justice baloney. Just curious...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger CuteGirl said...

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Blogger randi dom said...

How kind of Virginia Simmons to invite the families of the victims to post here. There's only one problem - most of them are dead now. And they died wuth no resolution, no closure. Walt and Reecie Piechowicz were just shells of their former selves after the bloody, violent murder of their only child, David Scott Piechowicz. And sadder still, Cheryl Piechowicz and her young daughter were forced to enter witness protection so they lost them, too. The Kennedy family suffered as well, losing two daughters, a granddaughter and a son-in-law. After nearly thirty years, Vernon L. Evans, Jr. still manipulates the legal system to his advantage despite being convicted twice of capital murder. Scott and Cheryl Piechowicz were not heroes. They were just nice, normal people trying to do the right thing. They stood up and tried to take some of the scum off the streets and it's time for some of us to stand up and say enough! It's your time Vernon L. Evans, Jr. It's past time for you to pay the piper. Peace.


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