Wednesday, April 13, 2005


While we are waiting for more replies from Vernon, there is a debate going on in the blogosphere regarding Interestingly, as someone pointed out, it appears to be mostly between female bloggers.

Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft wrote “Meet Vernon- the First Death Row BloggerA quote: “Meet Vernon even has a blogroll, and TalkLeft is proud to be included on it. This is an experiment, but wouldn't it be great to see every death row inmate with a blog?”

Michelle Malkin’s comments: “PRISONBLOGGING?!?!?!” A quote: “I don't think it would be "great" for prison officials to allow these Death Row convicts to flaunt their lives on the Internet while the relatives of those they brutally murdered suffer…Free speech? Spare me.”

Jeralyn’s reply: “Upsetting Ms. Malkin: Why Death Row Inmates Should Have Blogs” A quote: “The faces and stories of those on death row show what the present is like for those without a future. When a death row inmate has a blog, it brings the reality of the death penalty right to the American public. If every death row inmate had a blog, people would no longer be able to view the death penalty as somebody else's problem, as merely something that makes the news once in a while. These blogs would be googled and spidered the same as mine and Ms. Malkin's, and the public would see that death row inmates are human too.”

RightThinkingGirl has also weighed in: "Meet Vernon - the First Death Row Blogger" A quote: “Sometimes I love the interwebs and sometimes I wish there were higher barriers to entry. Exhibit A: ‘ Meet Vernon’. Vernon Lee Evan is a killer on Maryland's death row who accepts email (via gmail) and answers them on his blog. Such hanging soft balls include, ‘Can you please describe what it's like on Death Row?’ ”

And Meet Vernon was also mentioned by Jeff Jarvis of the "Blogging Behind Bars."


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Blogger MDLG said...

Are you kidding me? Death row inmates haveing blogs having the opportunity to continue to hurt the families of their victims! You guys that are all about these people's lives why don't you stop and realize what they did to be in death row. The people that they had no consideration toward. Now you want to go back and say oh well but they regret it well excuse me for saying whatever! No they don't they just don't want to die. You know we all know that our actions have consequences so let these people step up and be men enough to face what they deserve for what they have done. Dont reward them by letting them poison the world with their lies about how sorry they are and how innocent they are because the victims' families dont want to hear it and neither do I. So Vernon shut up and stop lying to everyone man up about what you did.

Blogger jasonnwest said...

I think those people who are outraged at the prospect of a prisoner having a blog need to examine their reasons for their outrage. I saw that two people have written that it either allows convicts to flaunt their crimes and continue to hurt the families of their victims.

That may be so- but please show me exactly where Vernon does this. I've read the entire thing and don't see him communicating much of a sense of pride about where is and what has become of his ruined life.

Blogger john said...

I totally agree with you Jasonwest, and the site administrator goes to great pains to stress this.


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