Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Typical Day

Can you describe a typical day on death row?

A typical day on death row for me is like this. I get up at 5:30am and go downstairs to get some orange juice or apple juice. I come back into my cell and watch the religious programs that begin at 6am. I rest until my medicine comes, which I take for my high blood pressure. That would be around 10:30am. I come downstairs and speak to a couple of men. Most of the men like to start their day with coffee but they are really interacting with other men. That is how it is on the row. I sit at the table with John Booth and any legal discussions that take place are about usually about me now because of the warrant they signed against me. But before that even happened, we have always been trying to put together ideas on how to end the death penalty for good. Not everyone will participate in the conversation but we know that they are listening. Sometimes young people can be like that. I know that they want to know what we are talking about but they let their pride get in the way. But I know it can take time.

There are three phones on the tier and I try not to get a habit of using the phone. I realize that the phone can be used against you. It takes away your time. Most men are in their cells by 1pm. We lock in at 1:45pm and stay there until 4pm. I come out after receiving my mail. While I exercise I put in my thoughts of just what I want to reply to those who have written me. I never like what they have for dinner, but I eat some portion of the meal they serve us at 5:45pm and put it with soup that I purchase.


Blogger Virginia Simmons said...

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Blogger youmin said...

hello, I'm youmin I'm from korea
I think death penalty is wrong. Because nobody doesn't have a right to kill other people.
instead death penalty he or she have live forever in jail and regret thire sin

Blogger TheDevilIsInTheDetails said...

Another after abortion Resource... LifeLaw.org . A discussion forum for all that deals with such hot-button issues as after abortion .

Blogger Allison said...

I support the death penalty completely. I feel that if you take someone else's life away then you damn sure don't deserve to keep yours.

Blogger Vitor Vieira said...

Allison contradicts herself and doesn't even see it. "because you are shit, we come shit too" that's her argument.
You have just as much right to kill a innocent as a guilty person, that is none.


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