Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Impact on family

How has your time on death row impacted your family?

As far as my family goes, I have noticed how it has physically affected my mother. My mother will break down and cry when she sees news reports. I know she has church activities to keep her somewhat stable. I regret often that she has to go through this shameful process. My father has always been the head of the family and I believe he keeps himself together for the sake of the rest of the family. He has also accepted Christ as his personal savior. So strength can come from that.


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Blogger sterling said...

this is the part of death penalties that hurts me the most. It's one thing for for the convicted criminal to burden the consequence of his crimes, but the death penalty also burdens the convict's family. Is that fair and just?
I once had a discussion with a friend, and my statment was the death penatly was not fair to the family of the convict because they did not commit the crime yet they suffered the consequence- it wasn't their fault their family member commited the crime.

I had a brother who was incarcerated for 7 years, and this was my take. But now I realize my family did play a role- and there were many times my parents were disobediant to God- this is the role they played and it interfered with my brother's ability to make the right decisions thus leading him to committ crimes. Although I did not follow the same path as my brother- my parents (particularly my fathers) actions and sometimes unloving nature caused confusion in my life and made me make wrong choices as well.
So in a way my parents actions have to suffer a consequence too- unfortunately I had to suffer a consequence as well.

I have learned a real father loves at all times, reaches out and forgives. Thank God for Jesus Christ. I wish I would have known sooner in my life. I have forgiven my brother- he accepts the consequence of his actions- but he will always suffer and feel loss, and so will I.

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